I too use all of the Adobe


I too use all of the Adobe products and when I crawled around their website to check out what the latest and greatest updates were, I was shocked!

All I can say is this, I think that Adobe may have just put their software out of reach for the common man who was maybe thinking about getting into video editing and using their software. I have been working with this stuff for quite a few years and I am somewhat surprised as to the complexity they’re taking it to. I’m sure the hardcore (like me) will somehow get up to speed on this new stuff but holy cow you almost need a PHD to figure this stuff out now.

In fact the more I think about it, I’m not real sure that I’m going to upgrade only because I just don’t want to spend the time learning all of the new features. I rather work on my projects. Besides, I’m sure it will be loaded with bugs at first and I already paid a kagillion dollars just to get this far. I’m just happy with what I got I guess.

BTW: Thank God they have Elements available for the people that don’t want to spend a year of their life learning Premiere Pro and the rest of the stuff from scratch.


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