I too just finished shooti


I too just finished shooting my 2nd freebie. I’m using a Sony HVR-Z1U as the primary and a Sony HVR-A1U as the back camera. I did get there early enough to get all set up with both wireless mics running as well as a Vocal mic on the podium for the readres and soloist. I had that ran into my new Tascam HD-P2 digital recorder. I thought that EVERYTHING was going to be PERFECT unlike my first freebie where I wasn’t able to get there in time to min anyone or anything. I even hired a seasoned Cameraman for the 2nd camera. I was set. So I thought. It turned out that the guy I hired did not get any of the shots I wanted, or the interview with the bride as she was getting ready. I needed locked down shots of the readres and vocalist so that I could get cutaways of the brides parents. He didn’t do anything I asked. The worst part was that he white balanced for outside while the photographer snaped some good shots but he failed to white balance once back in the church. The video was all greenish and totally washed out. I am still trying to get my color back to normal as well as contrast. All in all though, I was able to use other shots as cutaways, ( I hope it isn’t noticable that the same shot of the parents are in there twice. Other than that, It went almost perfect. All I need now is to do 200 pushups a day so I can be prepared to shoot the reception while carying a shoulder strap style battery for my light. Either that or get a battery belt.

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