I too have been trying to get

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I too have been trying to get into the real estate video market in my region. I currently work full time for a landscaping company, so all of my filming and editing is done outside of my regular working hours. I am hoping to transition into full time video work, and I would like real estate videos to be the main aspect of my work. Currently the way I have been charging is based on square footage. I charge $140 for the first 1000 square feet and $0.02 for each additional square foot. ($20 for every extra 1000 square feet) I usually put between 2 and 4 hours into a video. I have done around 25 listings so far, so I have a good portfolio to start meeting with more realtors and attract more work. My issue though is security of work. I had one realtor that was sending me regular work, and then he stopped. He said he had no room in his budget although he liked my work. I am wondering it would be a good idea for me to offer a good flat rate price for any sized home, with the signing of a one year contract. And include in the contract that in order to get the good rate I need to get at least 5 listings per month. This would at least give me a set base income to work with, and would give me work security. Does this sound like a good plan to work on? Or will this be something realtors would have no interest in? Here is a link to one of my videos – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8ZBkvWOlEh0&list=UU_9c2GT1dDH0LZQrMjB64cA&index=24

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