I too am having the NGStudio


I too am having the NGStudio.exe issue!! Only I can tell you exactly what happened.. First, I use Pinnacle Studio 14 and 16. I run them both on the same desktop. I kept getting choppy playback while trying to edit AVCHD clips which really eff with ur CPU. So in order to get my videos to play back non-choppy I put an old video card in – 256mb and a fan – one of those old school gaming type cards… The program still worked lovely. So anyway, because I had to switch to a better video card, I had to also switch from vga to dvi because the card in added is dvi only. Okay so anyway, that was that. Then one day I was trying to add magic bullet effect, but I couldn't find the add-on tabbie anywhere. Then I realized "Hey wait a minute, I didn't have them in version 16, only in version 14"; Hence why I'd kept both versions all along. So I then attempted to open up 14, but it kept giving me an error and would shut down. I don't remember exactly which error it was, all I remember was it just wouldn't open, and so I decided I'd just uninstall both 16 and 14 and reinstall them. I haven't gotten to reinstalling 14 yet because I've been unsuccessful in getting 16 to work. I keep getting the ngstudio.exe and cloud something error messages every time I attempt to open the program. I read someone's post above where they asked if hardware had changed since first installing it, and the answer is yes… The video card.. BUT it still worked for 16 even after I'd been using the added video card… It worked right up until I uninstalled the studio programs. Can someone PLEASE help me try to figure out in my case why this ngstudio keeps coming up, and how to get rid of it, based on my vid-card information!? I would truly appreciate it!

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