I too am beginning to look


I too am beginning to look for a camera. My budget is around $1000. Actually, I was looking for a playback deck for miniDV. I really had my heart set on the JVC (forgot the model) that has both miniDV and VHS/S-VHS in the same unit. I have heard many opinions that JVCs firewire protocol is glitchy. This coming from users of this deck. So I decided to find a cheap camcorder to fit the needs. Then I changed my mind again. If I’m gonna buy a camera, I should get something good!

This thread made me look a bit more at the Panasonic AG-DVC20. I does have audio and video line inputs. Actually, is has firewire, composite and s-video all capable of in and out, plus a stereo mini mic input and headphone out. Very nice. And it looks somewhat pro. However, one of the reviews claims that most manual features are performed through a menu. (Excuse me, I need to throw up).

I was looking at the GS500 but it lack video inputs and a headphone jack. Not to mention the menu/manual options thing. I’m convinced 3ccd is the way to go. I’ve used a local access tv stations Canon GL2 for years. I wish I could afford 1 but I can’t. Why can’t manufacturers make a camera where commonly used manual features have their own dedicated button on the camera without charging an arm and a leg (sometimes 2 legs). I use manual focus, manual white balance, and manual exposure ALL THE TIME! The GL2 has this (at twice the price).

Can anyone input as to a 3 ccd unit with these manual controls on the outside of the camera (not in a menu) for around $1000-$1300?

I’m hoping to find a store that carries the DVC20 so I can pick it up, hold it, and go through it before I buy it. I see the manual focus ring in the picture but what about white balance and exposure? Where are these controls?

Thanks in advance for your replies and suggestions.

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