I, too, am an amateur vide


I, too, am an amateur videographer who has shot friends’ weddings for practice, only to now being approached by their friends to tape their weddings for a fee. I agree with the others in that, for now, while you are getting the experience, you charge only for your supplies (tapes, blank dvds) and not your time which as we know in post production, is seemingly endless. Like yourself, I’m a one-camera operation using an FX-1 and VX2100. It’s hectic, nerve wracking and exciting, all at the same time. One blogger advised the rest of us in a video forum, “If you want to live, don’t tape weddings!” I guess most of us out there are still willing to take the chance on life and keep doing what we love best of all. Good luck!

Hey Tom Berrera, can you suggest the best places to be situated in in the church when taping a wedding, including bridal party entrance, bride entrance and ceremony? I usually have my camera on a tripod positioned on a side pew nearest the groom but, when the audience rises as the bride goes down the aisle, so much for that shot! You mentioned a camera control system for the cams operated by one person. What make is it and what is the cost? Thanks for your input!


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