I thought I’d revive this


I thought I’d revive this thread

I made a postiing under the production forums, not realizing there was a more specific place to post about software

Bought the SonyMOvieStuiodio 9.0 Platinum Pro. Waste of money, unless I want to just make family videos with greenscreen. LOL

It would appear I shouldhave bought the Vegas Pro 8.0 instead.

My suggestion would be to FIRST download the demo, and make sure you DL it when you have time to really work with it.

This way, I would have found the issues that I have NOW FOUND. Issues that would have caused me to look away from MovieStudion Platinum Pro.

I saw the link above for Sony Pro at B&H for 130.00. That is great, I got the DVD architect Studioand Sound Forge Audio Studio when I bought Platinum Plus. I haven’t even worked with the latter two programs, just learning the Sony movie Studio has been a pain in the Wazoo.

Currently, I have’nt gotten around to burning DVDS other than just burning a DVD with the standard burner software that came with the burner.

GettingVegas PRo at 130.00 is probably not a bad go for now. If I need the features of DVDPRO..?? I have no idea.

If you know something and can sort out the stew from the gumbo… share it pleas.

Thanks to all for this thread. I have learned from it.

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