I thought I would never ty


I thought I would never type this. I’ve never used Sony Vegas and I started with Pinnacle Studio v8-v15. I was a huge fan of the product and it’s ease of use, transitions and add-ons. Nonetheless, all the patches and bugs are true. I really was hopeing one day they got it right and even added more video tracks. I finally moved up the Avid Studio, the bigger brother. This program seems to have a lot more capability, however, it was not the “easiest” learning curve from Pinnacle. I still haven’t figured out how to do some of the things I’m able to do with Pinnacle in these product. Most of the time, I’ll take one of my old projects and import into Avid just to see how it handled certain functions or what video track it ended up on.

So I hate to say, it sounds like Sony may have the superior product.

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