I think your getting it no


I think your getting it now! All I can say is that Im now a video maniac thus the name video-maniac. I think of this as an art form that allows you to be as creative as possible just like Picasso only instead of using paint and a canvas, I use a keyboard and LCD monitors.

OK Im not going to lie in that it does take time to edit it all up. I am an engineer by day and a videographer by night so I dont depend on this as income at all. I think of this more as a hobby that I really enjoy more than anything else. I do maybe 4 to 6 weddings a year along with other various projects. That keeps me out of trouble. Now dont let this scare you but Im thinking that it takes about an hour for every finished minute of edited video on a DVD. This includes filming, capturing, editing, clip adjustments, sound adjustments, titling, graphics, music applications, rendering, and encoding. When I break this down based on sales, Im probably coming in around $3 to $5 dollars per/hour or 1 beer an hour. Actually, I should include the time I spend scratching my head trying to come up with clever ideas too.

I use Adobe products. Premiere Pro is my base NLE, After Affects is my main animation app and I use Photoshop for my still work. Premiere Pro is very capable of handling audio so I dont bother with Audition. Thats pretty much it. I use some other aids too like Digital Juice, Digital Hotcakes and Smartsound, but those are used for nothing more than enhancements to the main project.

Good luck and have fun. Just remember that there is nothing stopping you from being as creative as you want. You will also find that every project you do will be better then the last one you just did. Trust me! πŸ˜‰

Good Luck!

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