I think your budget is a bit


I think your budget is a bit unrealitsic for this, to be honest, The demands of theatre shooting (there's another topic on this active) mean that you need low light capability and focus and exposure are always tricky. In the cheaper cameras, pretty well everything has to be auto – and even if you can turn it off, manual control is a pig. Often focus and exposure are on the same switch, and you have to switch between functions. I have a small SD9 Panasonic I've had for a while now and occasionally I'll hide it somewhere, and it is on full auto. It messes up exposure sometimes and if the lights go down, it hunts for focus when people move across the frame going OUT of focus, then back in. If the stage is dim, then by convention, the video should be too? Ramping up the gain reveals details presumably the director did not want seen?

I suspect you really need to go up a but in budget.

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