I think you’ll have a hard


I think you’ll have a hard time finding products of the quality that Digital Juice offers them for even twice their prices.

They are constantly running special deals for as low as $10 a volume for much of their stuff (currently, JuiceDrops, Motion Design Elements and Print Design Elements are that price – Their BRAND NEW Editors Toolkits Pro have bee going for $70 with ten full HD & SD of matched graphics in each – They also have a special today for ten volumes of their Swipes for $100). They are offering their VideoTraxx or Sound Effects libraries for $99 each if you buy at least two.

If these deals are not enough, you can get a mix-n-match of their other products at four-for-$100.

I have spent thousands of dollars on products that don’t even come close to DJ quality and find that now I spend about 90% of my money on DJ products because, quite simple, nobody else offers the same bang for the buck.

Just MHO. (FYI – I do not now, nor have ever worked for them).

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