I think you’d serve these


I think you’d serve these people better by hiring them as consultants for scriptwriting, method actors to build authenticity into your project. Pay them for thier input, then re-create with actors.

I’ve mentioned before that I was a homeless person, as a teen.

I assure you, While both my family, and Child and Family Services had no issues with abusing me or throwing me out on the street like I was garbage…..

If you had filmed my story then, with me being under eighteen, CFS would’ve been suing you or charging you for something to cover up thier horrendous treatment of me, and the same family that tossed me out with the trash would have shown up with hands out or lawers looking for a paycheck.

Then there is the mentally ill not fit to make descisions that come back later looking for something.

You want to do a news reportage of a situation, you report it, you’re covered legally… for the most part.

You want to do a documentary, hire a lawyer to close up the loopholes first or you could wind up losing alot of money.

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