I think you need to get a


I think you need to get a DVD Recorder. With a DVD recorder (these replace VHS machines, do the same as a VHS machine, only record to DVD) The DVD Recorder has RCA ports, thus meaning every device you mentioned could hook up to it to be recorded and saved to disk. Once it is on DVD, It is a MPEG 2 file, a digital file.

Once you have recorded the VHS tapes, finalize the DVD. Take the DVD to your computer, insert the DVD, explore the DVD. You will find files By the name of VTS_01_1. The last digit in that file name can be any number between 1 and 999, they start at 1. These files are your video files. You will need a video converter program to both convert these VTS_01_1 files to something your editing software can make use of. If you use DVD-RW as the transport mode between DVD Recorder and computer, you can reformat it and use again and again and again. Burn on to DVD_R from the computer for long lasting memories.

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