i think you left all of th


i think you left all of the pictures up to long. Same with the text, for example, it says “Makes” for an eternity.

And at one point you randomly cut out the music. It seemed like you did that so the viewer could hear the commentator, but you should have just lowered the volume of the music instead of just cutting it out.

Then after that you had some cheesey swirling effect. You actually have a bunch of cheesey effects. Don’t go crazy with effects man. They should have a reason for being there and the reason shouldn’t be “because it’s cool”

Right in the beginning the audio is weird. Commentator says “Nastia Liukin, she scored a 16.3.” I see what you were going for, but it turned out weird. The audio is abrupt in a few spots actually. It does that a lot starting at 2:00 too.

I’m gonna give you 5 stars because Nastia Liukin is hot. So is Alicia Sacramone.

I really like that silhouette shot at 1:27 (i’m guessing you didn’t shoot it though.) I would suggest including more shots of her butt, but she doesn’t really have one.

I would take my crit. and apply it to a new video about all the main members of this years US Woman’s Gymnastics team. They all did very well, and I’ve seen a bunch of these videos on youtube covering the girls individually (none are really any good), but i don’t recall seeing any of them as a group. After all, they are a team.


You could make a short documentary-style video defending Alicia Sacramone. Everyone likes to blame her for the US not winning the woman’s all around (which I don’t agree with). I haven’t seen one of those videos yet.


Or you can make a video about how the woman’s gymnast team got screwed a bunch of times. I heard Alicia Sacramone should have won the vault hands down (or maybe it was the balance beam), I saw Nastia get a retarded score on a perfect vault during the individual all-around, and I’m sure Shawn Johnson got screwed somewhere. I think it’s kinda funny who everytime they got screwed, it was a Chinese gymnast who seemed to score higher for reasons I, nor the commentators, could see. Haven’t seen any videos about that either…

Just do something new. Everyone keeps making these crappy tribute videos that are all the same, use the same images that are on the screen too long, none really prove their point too well.

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