I think you could get a lo


I think you could get a lot more for under $3,500. Especially if you built it yourself. (As long as your comforable with computers). I built my editing rig for under $2,500 and it has a 3.4GHz Cpu. A X600XT Pci-Express videocard 128mb. 2 gigs of crucial ballistix DDR2 ram and dual 74gb 10,000rpm WD Raptors. Monarch Computer is a very good computer maker that I have bought parts for in the past. You pick the parts and they build it for you with a $50 build fee. Which gets you alot more for your money than alienware who charges like and extra $50 for each componet! Head over to monarchcomputer.com and you can configure a killer workstation.


P.S. Get at least 2 gigs of ram.

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