I think you answered your


I think you answered your own question, you just didn’t know it.

First off, let’s discuss the linear recording. Before DV, in order to edit video from a given point, you had to have 3-5 seconds of stable video in front of the edit point. I can’t tell you how many times I had to tell my students they simply had to have the 3-5 second pre-roll before any video edit could be made. The pre-roll enabled the deck to reach the correct speed and synch fields so the system could write the new analogue signal to tape. Since we don’t edit from the tape anymore, we have to capture or digitize the signal. While most folks are unaware of it, digital tapes must also have a pre-roll before recording can start (so the tape can reach the proper speed.) And part of the pre-roll activity is to synch to the signal on tape.

Now when you use the Digital8 deck to read an analogue signal from tape, the deck itself recognizes the signal as analogue and switches to that mode. But when you hit that blank spot, the deck isn’t sure what to expect next. So it rolls along and hits the start of your new recording. It has to confirm it is still in analogue mode and start converting the signal. And that takes a little time. And it sounds like it is taking around 1/60 of a second to do that. So the signal doesn’t start converting until the second 1/60 of a second.

I bet you have already figured out that the 1/60 of a second delay corresponds to the missing field. The easy way to work around this problem is to slowly scan the tape till you have gone about one half a second into the new recording. Pause it, then start your capture. That should let the deck synch to the analogue signal and eliminate the problem.

I’m not exactly sure that answers your question. If it didn’t try rephrasing & adding to this posting.

Good luck & happy shooting.

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