I think we’ve been raised


I think we’ve been raised trained to suspend disbelief. As I said earlier, even in books for little children, you find editing. You also find that a story is usually told from one perspective with one agenda. Again, looking at the three little pigs, we’re only really given the perspective of the pigs, namely the smart one who built his house of bricks. In the story, the Wolf is big and bad, and the first two pigs are foolish, and the third is wise. From a different perspective, we could say that the poor hungry wold was starving and desperate for a meal. Or we could Tell the story from the persepective of the poor unemployed pig who died unjustly because he couldn’t afford a building material other than straw and his jerk brother with the brick house wouldn’t let him crash there while he looked for work.

Every story has a different angle, sometimes an entirely different story. Sometimes we’re shown a few of these angles, but more often than not, a documentary is produced to show one main story, and because it’s how we’re raised, we ignore the other potential stories to focus on the one in front of us.

In the end, it all comes down to the fact that everything is a story, and even stories that are wholly true are still told from one just one perspective. But it’s what we do, we tell stories.

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