I think this shot is best


I think this shot is best done with simplicity, as most of the people here do too. You could try splicing your pans together but I feel like that would be pretty difficult to get just right.

What I would do would be to shoot your character doing what he or she should be doing and then have them stand still at the end of their take and walk out and get changed. Do not move the camera! Then once he/she is changed and is on the other side, I would go ahead and pan at whatever speed you want to the character. At the end all you have to take out is the empty spot that occurs when the actor is off of the camera and put it together with the pan that happens seconds later. This way you only have to take one shot and lining up the shots in your editor won’t be so problematic.

There are a couple problems with this method though. Depending on how fast you pan and what side your actor is standing on, you could have the problem of your actor disappearing.

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