I think these people just


I think these people just like to watch the ‘fights’.

I’m the polar opposite to EarlC. Started out with macs and moved to pc’s and been exceptionally happy with the choice. Like I have said in many other posts, I don’t hate macs (just their hype) and use them on occasion as needed to collaborate with my mac inclined collegues.

Get what you can afford/what works best for you. Johnboy brought up several good points about research. Assess your needs/goals and balance them out with what you can afford. No matter what anyone says, no platform is better than the other. Computers crash, hardware fails, poop happens. What will matter to your intended workflow is how much will gear, software, tech support, time and a host of other variables going to cost you to get started and keep going? Do you want to buy a pre-made setup? Do you want to build your NLE? Both have their own headaches and rewards. Another thing no one seems to want to contend with is; how much support for your intended platform is in your area? If you live in a place where you can’t step off the curb without stepping into an apple store or repair facility, you should probably get a mac. If where you live the only apples anyone knows about are the ones you eat, but you can toss the cores in any direction and hit an authorized PC retailer or repair facility…. Nothing worse than having a critical piece of gear go down and the only way you can get it back online is to send it off.

It used to be that mac’s were friggin’ expensive and pc’s were an affordable alternative. However, if you’re looking to roll into higher-end professional editing just short of the $10k mark, pro mac’s and pc’s are the same. For a pre-made setup you’ll spend some cash for a muscled up quad-core or octa-core mac, hp or dell. If you roll with a laptop, fuggeddaboutit. For the less than $3k semi-pro/pro systems again pc and mac are neck ‘n neck. If you’re trying to roll for less than $2k, finding an outfit that builds pc workstations are your better bet to get a reasonably powered machine to do serious editing with. At that level, both apple and its pc counterparts will have something that will barely get you going and load you down with a bunch of gimmicky consumer software bundles that you’ll want to take a flamethrower to.

When it comes to software, again ask yourself ‘what do I want to do?’ Some software like FCP or Vegas only work with mac or pc (which I think is retarded.) Some play nice with either like Avid Media Composer, most of Adobe’s software and many others. You also better take into account what audio software you’ll need/want to work with. By which you’ll have all of the same considerations as with your editing software. All of which by the way will need to be paid for if you want a legit NLE.

Despite what any of the hardcore ‘PCies’ or ‘Macies’ worldview may be, it’s a multi-platform world out here baby. Get used to it. Find what works for you and roll with it until it doesn’t, then roll with something else. HOORAH!

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