i think.. the virusesSer


i think.. the viruses

Seriuosly now. If I want to do anything that is not prepared on the basic software that apple has in mind for their machines what I’m going to do? Emulate windows? Initiate the adventure of MacLinux or PPCLinux?
Being pragmatical: if i need to do something I don’t wander around free of viruses, trojans, spyware, I want to do THAT thing. On the PC it means that you can do it, do it quikly or properly, and then you will still have time to go to the Mac and play some Blizzard games or edit with Cut Pro.

The PC advantage relies on it’s "standarised versatility" and low cost of hardware. Aple will need to do a big effort in order to reach this level, which is actually doing by using the Intel processors.

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