I think the two posters above


I think the two posters above gave great answers.  I am a youtube partner as well so I can upload videos of any length.  I think the only limit I have is a file size of 20gb.  If I export a 1080p video with a min bitrate of 4, target of 6, and max of 8 it gives me a pretty good balance between video quality and file size.  The latest video I uploaded was just a home movie of a summer trip for friends and family to view.  It was over an hour (1:07) and came out at just under 3gb. 


The idea of breaking the video up into pieces is also a good one.  I used to do that before I became a partner and it allows you to keep your video quality high yet bring your file size to within the limits imposed on you until you become a partner. 


Vimeo will give you higher initial file size minimums but then it also tends to have lower traffic than youtube.  One really good thing about Vimeo as well is that many office servers block out youtube but allow Vimeo.  If self promotion is your goal, I would suggest uploading to both (or as many video sites as you can find) and let the views pile up.

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