I think the multi-drive

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I think the multi-drive approach becomes too cumbersome, when done as described by the OP. I have eight drives, half of them are used for daily backups. My boot drive (C:) is an SSD, which doubles as my cache drive. No data is stored on this drive, only programs and settings. Following the initial setup of Windows and all software and settings, I created an image of the drive, so I can wipe and reload back to a working state in under an hour. Windows has its default folders, such as Desktop, Pictures, Videos…etc., which I have moved to another drive, which is automatically backed up twice daily, so they remain unaffected in the event of my main drive crashing.

When you take a *single project* (say, a shoot for a client) and start spreading it across multiple drives, in a year or two when you go back to edit the project, you would have to locate all of the pieces, which are spread across too many drives. When projects are done, I tend to RAR archive them to another drive, removing them from my production drive. For this to work smoothly, and to be able to get the job back onto my production drive QUICKLY, if the client ever needs another version or changes (which happens often), I keep the entire project in one folder, broken out into sub folders such as, STREAMS (all video & audio – further broken down by the camera or audio recorder), PHOTOS, GRAPHICS, SFX… etc. My production drive is a RAID 0 array of two Western Digital Velociraptors, at 2X 10,000 RPM, they are certainly not sluggish when combined into a single drive array at 20,000 RPM. These drives are automatically backed up to an external drive twice a day. Backing up to a cloud is a lovely idea, but – I think – impractical. I have one project that is over 250GB. Uploading or retrieving that project from the web would take just way too long.

Long story short – I like to keep single projects grouped together. 1) They are easier to work on, 2) Easier to archive and retrieve, and 3) Easier to transfer to a laptop when I’m editing on the road.

I may not have answered your questions *exactly* but hopefully have laid out some helpful ideas.

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