I think the flicker could


I think the flicker could probably be best descrivbed as the effect you get with an interlaced video recordedwith the wrong field order. however no matter how I set the output options it always flickers in this way. This is driving me round the bend, as previously running a 30 fps video at 25fps causesstutters on playback, I ran theoriginal video onto my dvd recorder to smooth out the motion.ionly used the vob as vegas would import it directly. In your opinion what is the best way to work with vob files – ie converting into which format? Also arevob files interlaced as they are recorded on dvd recorders or if the original isfull frame non interlaceddo they recordin the same way?To be honest I only this problem with dvd recorded files and it’s driving me babanas:) – Any and all help is much appreciated


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