I think the disconnect her


I think the disconnect here for lack of a precise term, is the perception of the potential workflow the camera is capable. It is my perception that despite Canon thinking they’ve created a rig for the journeyman photog looking to score some video betwixt still shots and videographers looking at it as a journeyman’s replacement for the standard video cam. Both perceptions are way off base.

What we have here in the Mk II is something new. To my mind, this rig is something you would shoot your very best work with. Who needs their ‘camp meetings’, classes and other mundane video work shot in 5k? The Mk II strikes me as a tool the indy producer would use to hit stuff out of the ballpark. In ’07 at NAB I saw a theater demo of 2k through 6k and was blown away by the imagery. According to all reports, the video shot with the Mk II can hold up to a 35mm theatrical print blow-up.

In my opinion, this is a ‘next level’ tool for getting those higher-end clients or making the move to independent feature film or broadcast TV making. There is an expansive selection of video cameras to take care of the ‘light work’. Getting the Mk II is like getting that ‘jetpack’ you always wanted as a kid or a master set of paintbrushes. Do you use the jetpack just to go to the supermarket? Do you use the master brushes to paint your garage? I sincerly hope not.

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