I think the canon solution is

AvatarArmchair Geographer

I think the canon solution is very popular at the moment but it has drawbacks, like needing to get a lot of other equipment to make them into video cameras. Some of the sony solutions, nex vg 20 or 30, vg90 or the vg100 if you have the money give good results and have things like view finders, interchangable lenses and so on in a compact ready to go format. I love them and find my vg 20 to be very handy for quick set up solutions. The VG 90 is a great camera and has scope and simplicity of use on its side. The Using FCP X or even vegas to edit provides a large range of useful options for editing and post production and the continuosly expanding family of lenses built for video leaves the canon family back in the photo world which is what they are good at.

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