I think the art of cinemat


I think the art of cinematography is the only thing that could have declined over the years. And this is mainly due to the fact that you don’t need to be an expert in film anymore. Using fixed lenses, handling 35mm, knowing lighting and filter use, all things that new filmakers don’t even think about half the time. I’ve seen horrible footage turned into a decent movie time and time again with post production techniques. I actually just had to do that exact thing last week. This is my “good enough” video of the week. Yes, I shot the footage but without the proper lighting, or proper cameras for that matter. Sometimes you have to work within a budget that determines the “quality” of the work. http://cinebasics.tumblr.com/post/3922857846/film-coverage-teaser-for-denver-film-societys#disqus_thread

With the ability to record solid state, built in filters, automatic everything and the ability to color correct just about any lighted footage, I could say that if anything the industry has gotten much easier. Whether that means it’s not as good is up to the viewer. Rarely is a movie about the image, 80% of the great films out there were about the story and the FRAMING of the image. But whether or not it was lit right, had motion blur, artifacting etc didn’t really matter in the end. The only ones who see half that stuff is us! lol

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