I think that’s a good move –


I think that's a good move – being honest, your first attempts will be a bit clunky, and you'll get plenty of experience jiggling the lighting – if you buy a really expensive camera, same thing applies – so your camera is great to start with. Back in the 70s, the BBC managed to do some great stuff with chroma key (and quite a lot of rubbish too) and you still see bad chroma keying on broadcast TV – especially with weather maps! I found a very old video clip I did years ago – SD in 4:3 that uses some chroma key tricks in it – it's not very good really, and is a very early version of the finished thing put on vimeo to show the client a rough idea of what it was going to be – so it's rough, but I've changed the permissions so you can see it. https://vimeo.com/1732769


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