I think Panasonic HC-X900 is


I think Panasonic HC-X900 is better.

The basic Body work

The best thing about the FH20 camera body work is that the Panasonic has come up with a bold statement by going against the current trend when it comes to digital camera. The latest Lumix camera is slim and lightweight making it easy to carry around. It is compact but not too small like other digital cameras this allows you to use the operational button with ease without having to worry about pushing two buttons at the same time. It has a 2.7 inch LCD screen, though not a large screen it is big enough to see clear images. The overall performance and image quality

You can get a good picture while using this camera in auto mode. Auto mode is perfectly capable of handling any kind of background ranging from bright sun to low light without any help of special settings. The best feature of this camera is it can perform fantastically even in dim lights. We took multiple pictures in low light settings and we can promptly tell you that the picture quality has certainly exceeded our expectation. The FH20 gives you a crystal quality image with low grain density ensuring you get a high quality true to life color perfectly defined photos.

One of the most important things that amazed us with this new model is the mega optical image stabilization, this allows you to take the pictures without having to worry about the shake factor. You can take good quality photos with minimal ease. The finer specifications of the FH20 camera is it has 8x optical zoom, 28mm wide angle lens, 14.1 mega pixel sensor, 720p HD movie mode and also sonic speed auto focus allowing you to take fast and accurate images at any time of the day anywhere without the necessity of extra settings.

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