I think it’s too soon to g


I think it’s too soon to go HD. Not many people can view it, I’ve heard that even pros don’t output in HD. They just record in HD and then downconvert on the import.

If you do choose to go HD, I would avoid the HDV codec. It’s buggy because it has a data rate of 25mbps, which is the same as DV. Also, if you go HD, you need to have a computer that can handle it. I’m sure it not hard for a computer to cut HD, but when you get into effects and graphics, you’ll need a decent computer.

I recommend the Sony PD170. It’s basically the VX2100, but it has XLR connections. Works very well in low light. I’ve used the XL1s before, but I didn’t really like it.

Invest in lights too. Don’t be one of those dudes who has a solid camera but no lights.

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