I think it will depend wha


I think it will depend what you want to do or what direction you want the club to take.
Computer: I would suggest Pentium 4 3.0 Ghz as minimum, as much ram as you can afford – pref DDR 2 Gig min. Video card hmmmm…. depends on program. Suggest 128 meg on board memory and duel head out. Duel head is great for spreading the interfance over two monitors making it easier to work with.
Definately minimum 2x SATA hard drives – Drive C for operating system and program, the other Drive D for capturing video, projects, rendering.
Drive C I would look at 8o gig(min) Drive D – as big as you can – 300 gig would be good. I would use a motherbiard with inbuilt SATA hard drive control
DVD burner – I don’t know price wise in US, but in OZ they are getting cheaper – Duel layer around $120. Single layer $75

Program – this is the biggest debated issue around.
Pinnacle Studio 10 – stay away from
Pinnacle studio 9 plus – some have issues some useres like me do not.
Studio range or equiv in the lower end programs are limited and do not allow for expansion, though some plug ins are available.

Pinnacle Liquid Edition – Now Avid liquid7 – mixed reports – Many report lots of problems and are waiting for patches to fix. Steap learning curve

Adobe premier pro – many people like this one. Heaps of plug ins, heaps of adobe intergrations available. Steap learning curve , but once mastered excellent program. Probably able to get educational discount on the program.

Sony…. I have never used, though many people like … Sorry can’t tell you too much on this one.

Other alternative is to use Imac system and Final cut pro. I have never used, but have a friend who swears by it. Stable – never crashes. Still a learnig curve, but many professionals use it. Hey is it was good enough to create “Finding Nemo” it must be good.

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