I think it was Henry Ford


I think it was Henry Ford who said "if you think you can or cannot do something, you’re right"

I would not listen to people that are quick to say that you cannot do something especially without giving a logical reason, but you do have to be realistic.

It would be hard for anybody to just start doing weddings on their own if they do not have the experience or never shot a wedding before. Customers want experience and they want proof of that experience. There is much to know about video production techniques, business and business law. There is much equipment you need to have. (more than just a decent camera) You usually need at least two professional 3-chip cameras ($1000 – $3500 each) plus tripods, lighting equipment, wireless handheld and lavalier microphones and receivers, a good computer with DVD authoring and editing software…etc. Much of this stuff can be rented but you still have to invest a good sum of money and know what you’re doing.

I think it is unlikely for him to be able to have his own business and gain his own clients right this moment. Mainly because of a lack of experience, equipment and laws that might prohibit him from doing this on his own because of his age…This doesn’t mean that he can’t shoot weddings however. I would recommend that he get a solid knowledge of professional cameras, shooting techniques and editing equipment. Have him talk to local production companies about giving him an opportunity to work as a production assistant. The knowledge gained from any professional video experience is priceless. Most people when they start out in video production work for very little money if any at all just so they can learn. When the company is comfortable with your work and trusts you, they will give you more responsibility. I would also recommend getting involved in video production at school as much as he can. Most schools now-a-days have awesome equipment and can help students find production work. (either paid or unpaid)

This business is not always easy or fun (but most of the time it is). The pay isn’t great in the beginning and the people can be real jerks at times, but if he presists, perseveres, doesn’t give up when things go sour, gains enough experience and saves enough money, there is a good chance that he can have his own wedding video production company when he turns 18 when the law allows him to.

I hope this helped. I would also suggest talking to as many professionals as he can that can give him some direction. Videomaker also has some great information on the equipment and knowledge he’ll need to have in order to get started.

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I just wanted to add that when I first started I contacted over 50 production companies without a response even though I already had a year of professional experience. After about one year I finally got an awesome job as a camera operator and editor that travelled all over the country producing sporting videos. I now have moved from Michigan to California and work as a professional freelance editor. As I said, persistence and perseverence are very important in this business….Don’t give up! While he is waiting for responses, he should keep practicing and improving his camera and editing techniques and save money. It will also help a great deal if he has a demo reel of the things he has done.

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