I think it looks great. Th

Chuck PetersChuck Peters

I think it looks great. The natural/available light in the room seems to be giving you nice, even light, and the skin tones & color in the floor both look good. — The large mirrored wall is going to be a huge problem if you try to use video lights. — Even reflectors will be a problem, so I would go with 100% available light. The room look like it’s lit with daylight streaming through a large window, if so, I’d recommend scouting it & shooting a few tests at different times of the day. You may find that the room looks very different at 10am then it does at 4pm, for instance, and one of those times might give you exactly the warm color tones you are hoping to add with lamps. — If that IS the case… you’ll also need to be keenly aware of the changing light conditions as the sun moves throughout the duration of your shoot. — You may find that you only have an hour or 2 of peak lighting each day.

To spice things up and add the professionalism you are talking about, I’d recommend adding a few different camera angles… the WS you show id great for dancing, but you would add a lot of interest by also incorporating a head & shoulders CU as he talks, maybe a few tight shots of his feet as he dances, and some graphic slates to break what’s now a single, long lock-down shot into several shorter segments.

I would also recommend getting him out of black clothing. With the white walls in that room, his dark wardrobe is creating a high contrast look that’s tough for your camcorder to deal with. If you can put him in neutral colors (blue, tan, brown, even gray) you’ll find that you’ll see a lot more detail in his clothes and they won’t get “muddy.”

Looks like a fun project! Hope it goes well.


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