I think it all depends on


I think it all depends on what you want to do with the camera, or maybe I should say what you want the camera to do. I was using an old Sony M3 3 tube camera when everyone else had long since switched to 3 CCD. But the camera did what I needed it to do, my clients were happy and my start up costs were much lower because I bought an “obsolete” camera.

But then, all I needed was a good clean warm look to my videos, and did almost no location shoots. The old M3 worked just fine for that.

My thinking is that the abilities of the person often outweigh the abilities of the equipment. Good planning, proper lighting, the use of filters, and so on all add up to the look and feel of a video.

If however you want your videos to look like the current crop of productions, then you would need to step it up to much newer HD camera.

I know of a few folks still using Canon XL-1 and XL-2 cameras and they are still making money from them. Bottom line is that you need the tools to accomplish the task, just be realistic in exactly what the task requires.

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