I think if you want to do


I think if you want to do stuff with chroma key, you really should either get a dedicated app for chroma stuff or a compositing app. In editor stuff is… blah.

I got Pinnacle (only for the MovieBox, which is absolutely the best capture device ever developed ever) and it sucks. Crashes all the time, terribly slow. Vegas never does that. Ever.

If you are scared about the learning curve, Vegas’s lil bro is nice, Vegas MovieStudio. No curve that I went through, just nice stuff.

And if you need chroma key stuff, Chromanator is dedicated to that, churns out fantastic results. http://fxhome.com/chromanator/

Welcome to the forums Redd!

I would love to try out Avid, however in Central New York there isn’t much in the way of film making studios, and I can’t exactly afford it.


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