I think I understand what


I think I understand what you are doing, but have a couple questions…

You are keying out the greenscreen on a shot of your subject that is basically head and shoulders, right?

Does your subject have to move closer to the greenscreen, or can you resize your background, to fake the movement, and keep your subject stationary to the lightsources?

do you have any ambient lightsources that affect your set?

here’s one I use:

have you tried placing one light behind your subject at 45 deg to seperate from the background. (back or kick light)

same two lights on the background (if that’s working for you, keep it). (background light)

one light in front of your subject 45deg, placed diagonally across from the other light. (main light)

one silver or white reflector to fill in the shadows on the subject face (reflect the main light into the shadows) (fill light)

remember to get the main light and fill light as close to the subject as you can, without having them in the shot, any lensflare can be controlled with flags, or gobos between the light and the camera, and a lens hood is invaluable when working in tight spaces….

use a photographic grey card to set exposure and color balance.

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