>>>”I think I can


>>>”I think I can switch my SD Sony VX2100 camera to 16:9 format – is this your recommendation? Do you suggest to produce both – SD and HD versions of DVD in 16:9 format?”

Yes…absolutely…100% πŸ™‚

>>>”I pin-pointed choice of Video Editors to two options: Sony Vegas Platinum 9 (because it has good reviews andbecasue I already bought this disk and can not return it) and Adobe Premier Elements (becasue my friend offers me some initial help). I would really appreciate additional hints that would facilitate my final choice. Besides, should I consider Adobe Premiere Pro? I already have really good footage andI’m ready to pay extra bucks if Pro will help me to produce much better DVD than Elements. Thank you again for your help.”

I think Vegas will be great for you…at least for now.

Elements is fine, but you’re in very good hands with Vegas.

I haven’t really been a fan of elements ever since theydumbed it up….it’s still goodhowever.

Premiere Pro is great, and I would never discourage anyone fromgoing “pro.” It’s great software and there are so many options…especially when you combine ALL adobe media software at once…it’s like one big universal program. It just takes time however to really understand it all get your money’s worth.

At this point….I think it’s safe to say that Vegas will allow you to do what you want and then some…but there will probably be some point where you’ll need to expand your toolset and anAdobeCollection is a good way to go long term. I think Premiere ismore cost effectivewhen used in combination with Encore and After Effects and other Adobe software of your choice…You’ll have to learn more for you to get your money’s worthandit’s never too early to start, but as I said, Vegas will be fine for now depending on how far you wanna take it.

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I just needed to add that even though I primarily use Final Cut, Premiere, and After Effects, I like Vegas alot. It handles HDV and other formats exceptionallywell and isconsidered by manny to bemore efficientas an audio editor than both FCP and PP2.

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