I think here in the UK,


I think here in the UK, converting to pounds that they may perceive $2000 a day as quite high, because they may not appreciate the extra time editing might take. As a project price it makes sense – but it depends if the people receiving the quote are experienced enough to quantify it. Perhaps you could break down the cost per lecture into pre-production, production, post production, equipment hire etc and then give a much nicer figure for the price per lecture, which would allay fears about it being a randomly produced figure. I routinely include on invoices for client, a comprehensive list of the equipment used, with prices, so that if they were tempted (as has happened) to hawk it around other companies, they realise the scale of the job, and don't undercut when they see how complicated it is.


For what it's worth, I think you have under estimated the editing phase, but you know from your previous experience of the job what's involved. I would also suggest billing by the day, not the lecture.

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