I think as this topic is g


I think as this topic is growing it only goes to show that their is much disinformation regarding intellectual copyright laws, both US and UK.

Whichever way you look at at or view it does not change the law. Anything which is copyrighted may not be used unless permission has been granted. It is an illegal offense, for a company it is very serious to ignore this since the penalties can be huge.

Again, their are many solutions to this problem. We live in a world full of music composers, producers, bands, artists. There are many royalty free music libraries and production companies creating and selling music for this exact reason, to avoid the pitfalls of copyright infringement and also to supply high quality music for professionals.

The best thing is, it is even created to fit the mood of your production, whethers thats happy, sad, uplifting, reliable, trustworthy, whatever.

I say again and I believe it, be creative, you should be original in production and not just latch onto commercial music, find something new and fresh and create your own style. If you have to use something that is well known, find a similar theme or have a sound alike composed.

If anybody is stuck I would be happy to supply them with an alternative although I do understand that we cannot cover every style of music.

Try me.

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