I think as a rule three ch


I think as a rule three chip cameras are better than single chip cameras (Red One exception noted).

You may want to look at other than HDD – like SxS or P2 based or even HDV. I am now using a HDD consumer HD camera (Sony HDR SR11) and while I love it and am very pleased with it’s performance, I kinda wish I had a physical copy of what I film for backup purposes. Right now, I copy from the camera to TWO external hard drives on my PC before deleting from the camera just to make sure I don’t lose anything in the event of a HD crash (have had this hapen already – lost some stuff and it will cost me lots of $$$ to get it back).

The biggest thing you need to identify is your budget and once you have a hard number, list your feature priorities and see what you come up with.

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