I target 2 weeks, I often


I target 2 weeks, I often experience client delays (for whatever the reason) in delivering photos, preferred songs, whatever, taking my average to 4-6 weeks. I promise 90 days and have not taken THAT long in a long, long time.

While I am not a high dollar, ultra-artistic or visually expressive wedding video producer, and do not attempt to reach THAT client base or try to stay in business as an exclusive wedding video producer, I also do not feel intimidated by the talents of people like Elliot, Dave Robbins, Bret Culp, or even Randy Stubbs in San Diego, Calif. They have developed, earned and claim rightful ownership to an elite category of such productions while I only include wedding video production among my diversified operation that focuses on ALL celebrations of life, corporate, small business and SIV. I also enjoy the diversity, and am afraid I would burn out rather quickly if I did, say, 40 to 50 weddings a year.

So the bridal budget range I attract is suitable for me, my creative standards and make short turnaround a possiblity that the ultra elite cannot hope to achieve. They, however, do establish a reputation and a branding that holds up to long and extensive, not to mention expensive, creative wedding productions.

An interesting thing I have noticed, and noted in various posts and on my blog site, is that the earlier I turn a wedding production around, the greater the increase in referrals – either from the clients themselves, or people with whom they have shared their production “while emotion, curiosity and interest” remains high, or people who saw my company in action at the event and heard one way or another that I turned around a quality product with good visuals and understandable audio in four weeks or less.

I think long delivery times put too much water under the bridge and people get busy with their lives. Disappointment sets in, and with the advent of virtually instant photo delivery videographers no longer have the argument that even if they take six months, or longer, to deliver they got the video delivered long before the photographer. That went out with Kodachrome.

In today’s society people are into instant gratification. Waiting, even for the wine and cheeses, is something they’re not often willing to do. The sooner you deliver a quality product, the longer they will remember you in a positive light. The longer and later, they will continue to remember you, but to others and not in a way that brings about more business.

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