I suspect it might be a co


I suspect it might be a combination of the two, but first I have to say I do not have the H4 model, only a set of H2’s that I absolutely love and use extensively. On them, I have, and with the configuration you’re using, I have to set the levels to between 125-128 on the Zoom, to get the kind of response I want from my Nady shotgun (one sorry mic, I have to say). The ONLY way I’ve been able to have serious silence with little/no air or noise is to use baffles and sound abatement, quilts, blankets, etc. in conjunction with the setup. I can set the H2 outside this perimeter, but I have to run a cable from the shotgun to the recorder, and the shotgun is about 20″ away from me.

My Rhode does much better, but I still prefer to be closer to the mic than 3 feet, still setting the Zoom at 125-128 and modulating carefully so as to not have moments where I might exceed the settings and hit the ceiling.

The softer levels are not a problem as I can “normalize” from within the Zoom, or do it in one of my audio editing programs during post.

Regardless of how “quiet” you perceive your room to be, there’s noise levels to be concerned with unless it is a soundproof booth or recording studio room where they’ve taken measures to arrange for noise abatement.

One other thought: You don’t have the AGC on the Zooms “on” do you? Just asking.

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