I Support everything that


I Support everything that has been said so far. Forget about fancy transitions, sports flicks and highlight reels use hard transistions most of the time anyway. Don’t get all caught up in color correction, framerates and codecs. These will all come in handy once your post production skills increase. And definatly get more footage than what you think you will need even if you are not going to use it all. The more footage you have the more shot options you will have in post. One thing i think even a begginner can do with a shot in post is to have an establishing shot and then in post use your zoom tool and zoom in on a particular area of the same shot. This creates in my opinion a highlight area the lets the viewer know that there is something of importance happening, though this technique can degrade resolution if it is zoomed to much. hope this helps

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Stock media: How to find and use the best stock photos, videos, music and more

Acquiring stock media and editing it into your project is very often faster, cheaper and much more convenient than creating that media yourself.