I suggest taking a look at


I suggest taking a look at the brochure for the HMC150 and if you get a chance, visit Panasonic AVCCAM website…they have a bunch of great white papers on the workflow and general questions that professionals have regarding the format and editing issues and quality, http://www.panasonic.com/avccam

For that price there really is an interesting comparison, I believe the hmc150 is the only camcorder in its price range that has full HD ccd blocks, has MPEG 4 recording vs MPEG 2 (Sony and JVC and Canon), and has a 2 year extended warranty from panasonic for a total of 3 years…all for the price range of mid $3K …

The downside is of course it does not have a detachable lens and no HD-SDI, but there are economical converter boxes to go HDMI to HD-SDI out available

I believe Videomaker has a great review on the camcorder as well

To be honest, the camcorder has been really hard to keep in stock here at our store because customers just love it … I believe we sold 40 in the span of one and a half months back in March/April and we still get calls for the camcorder all the time.


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