I suggest auto-gain is cau


I suggest auto-gain is causing most of the color differentiation. Light IS video and if one is getting more, or less, than the other, primarily due to the auto-gain increasing/decreasing the light, there’s going to be a major color shift.

Also, in white balancing, especially auto-white balancing, the dominant color temperature is going to be what the camera adjusts for while shooting. Even if you manually white balance, if one is white balanced according to light coming in from the window and the other is balanced according to either predominant fluorescent or incandescent light, they’re going to vary significantly in coloration.

EVEN if you use the built-in filters for outdoor/indoor, commonly indicated by a miniature sun or lightbulb, and then swing a camera from the inner-most interior where the dominant light is incandescent, to where an open door or window lets in a significant portion of sunlight, color shift is going to occur. Also, if using auto-iris or exposure, the lightening and darkening as the iris opens/closes, is going to not only wreak havoc on the exposure settings, blowing out the background and silhouetting the subject, or the other way around, it’s also going to adversely affect the coloration.

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