I still use a GL2 quite a bit


I still use a GL2 quite a bit and I will say that I find that when you are in the 16:9 mode the image does look a little softer than when it is in the 4:3 mode, since the GL2 chips do give you a little bit of added image on the sides when you are in the 16:9 mode, but because the camera isn't a, even for Standard Definition, true widescreen camera, it is also having to zoom into the image just a tiny bit to get that widescreen look.


There is a function in the menu that allows you to, within the 4:3 mode, put a 16:9 outline on your LCD/eyepiece so that you can shoot to do a soft matte; soft matte's have been used for many movies and TV shows, the most famous movie series to use soft matte was the "Back To The Future" trilogy (if you watch an old VHS copy of one of the movies you'll see that there is actually more image on screen than on the widescreen DVD/Blu-Ray releases).

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