I still recommend a DV Cam


I still recommend a DV Camcorder over anything with a AVCHD format, personal preference.

1. It depends on what you consider cheap. The Canon HV40 is about $800 and that is probably your cheapest option.

2. That would be a good solution and should work well. One of the best options today is using Adobe Bridge to organize your video files, or the Premiere Elements Organizer. Don’t know if CS4 is necessary to do that.

3. Best to capture and split by timecode breaking them up into usable clips, easy to weed out the ones you don’t need. MiniDV is captured as DV-AVI, a format that is easily imported into any NLE. You only need to capture the tapes and leave them in the native format, if using and Adobe editing product.

4. Not really

Premiere Elements can do everything you need to do, no need for the Pro product.

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