I started with Pinnacle 9


I started with Pinnacle 9 and used the capture card that came with it. I upgraded to Studio 10 which had several more features, but crashed way to many times before you could get a project done. Avid purchased Pinnacle and was trying to send out patches to correct the crashing problem. I have since purchased Avid Liquid 7, for all the extra features it has, but it is far more difficult to learn than Pinnacle Studio was for a novice like me. I still don’t have it figured out and have been trying to get somebody to come over and help me get it working. Check the forums to see if Studio 10 is still having crash problems. If they ever get the bugs out it is a great program for the price, and will do the job for you. One of my friends is using Adobe Premier Elements which is less than $100. Not sure what all it is capable of though.

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