I started that thread and


I started that thread and it had a lot of great advice and some that could end your career or hobby real quick. What makes the difference is one of two things. Either the videographer went through the proper channels and received permission (probably for $), or took a gamble and did it in hopes that they wouldn’t get caught. What I recommend doing is going to the source of the scripts (or sheet music) and ask them to spell it out for you. Ask the school for the proper contact info and make the call yourself and ask as many questions as possible. You can leave it up to someone else like the school or the directors, but then you are hoping they ask the right questions. If it were my rear on the line, I’d make the call.One question I still have; are all of the parents that shoot the play on their handicam and play it at home guilty of copyright infringement or is this just directed towardsforms ofreproduction?


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