I started out with Windows


I started out with Windows Movie Maker (for about ten minutes about five years ago), tried to move on to Pinnacle Studio (version 8, for about 20 minutes – loved the functionality, couldn’t keep it from crashing). Looked at Premiere and Avid (both were way too expensive for me at the time) and then I tried Vegas (actually Screenblast Movie Studio at the time – now Vegas Movie Studio) – Was producing usable stuff within hours and even used it for video presentations at work (I am a software developer by trade). Within a year I had upgraded to the full version of Vegas+DVD (called Vegas Pro now) and I currently use that for all my video needs – I find it intuitive and powerful, plus the price is a very big selling point.

If you’re looking for value (bang for the buck) I don’t think you can do better than Vegas. The Movie Studio version has about 85% of the functionality of the Pro version for less than $75. (Biggest limitation is four video and four audio tracks) – Here is a comparison chart:


You can also download a fully functional. thirty day free trial here:



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