I started out with a littl


I started out with a little handheld Panasonic DV video camera when DV came out before that I had a VHS camera. My first NLE was viseo explosion and I spent several years working with these two items and learning what I could. I also did a lot of reading going to fourms like this one learning diffrent way of doing things both in the editing world and in the video world. Most all my early work looked cheesy and poorly done, but I feel i have managed to come a long way in video Production. I agree with Earl you have to plan ahead and move ahead if you want to compete in this Business. My equipment is now a lot better I did this by researching and planning and saving to buy what I thought would be nessasary to continue in the business, and I have had to spend some money to get to this point. I have to say with better cameras, and a lot more learning under my belt my videos are looking quite a but better and I am more pleased. Somewhere along the way if a person wants to succed in this business you have to upgrade and aim high. Nice work Earl I always enjoy your post/


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